This beautiful park is situated by the canal and stretches out towards the river, ideal for a walk! Hebden Bridge HX7 6JE, United Kingdom
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The main entrance to Calder Holmes Park is situated off the main road, New Road, through Hebden Bridge’s Memorial Garden and next to the canal.

It is quite spacious with a children’s play area, bowling greens, a football pitch, tennis court and a basketball court. However, in comparison to other parks in Calderdale, it has a small garden.

For the relatively new era of sport in Britain, Calder Holmes Park contains a skateboard park, which are very scarce in Calderdale to the number of youths who enjoy skateboarding.

The park also has toilet facilities and houses the Park life Cafe which serves up various hot and cold foods to tingle your tastebuds!  Come along and have fun!

Free Parking Snack Bar Wheelchair Accessible Free Admission Family Friendly
4 Reviews
  • "Lovely park and great for kids!"

    Had a lovely time here on 22nd March, great day out and a lovely walk down by the locks! Will be visiting here again x

  • "Dogs"

    Public area which dogs are allowed to fowl!!!
    Thus people are actually sitting upon the same grass unbeknown of the parasitic horrors that exist.
    Dogs should not be allowed on public parks to excrete.

  • "Dogs"

    I quite agree Anita Khan.
    Public areas should not be licensed to potential hazards such as dog fowling. It’s becoming more and more the 21st century culture of taking one’s own dog every where man inhabits!!!
    Hebden Bridge has adopted the dog friendly culture, only last year a Child was severely bittern.

  • "Dogs"

    Dogs everywhere, fowling.
    Even though it is collected, there are traces left behind.
    Children play upon the grassed areas of this park, people sit upon the grass!!!
    It is a culture uprising. There should be designated dog areas away from public areas.
    This park is also used for local schools sports days!!!

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Hebden Bridge HX7 6JE, United Kingdom

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